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Bull Bar

A bullbar is a structure fitted over the front of a vehicle to protect it from impact with large animals on the road. The early bullbar made of heavy metal, but they were quickly banned because they increased the risk of accidents to pedestrians. Today, the typical bullbar is made from aluminum, polycarbonate, and polyethylene, which are made to absorb rather than counter the impact. In Australia, the bullbar is commonly called a "roo bar" because of the hazard presented by kangaroos on the road.

Nudge bars

Nudge bars are a special kind of bullbar designed for sedans and smaller SUVs. They consist of a small lightweight bar protecting only the radiator grille, instead of replacing the entire fender or bumper. These are usually preferred by new drivers who don't want to deal with the costly installation of a full-size bullbar.

Accessory bars

Most bullbars also serve as aesthetic accessories for cars. A large car with a bullbar appears more rugged and powerful than those without. They also add protection to the bumper and fender, which are more prone to scratches in off-road conditions. A chrome finished bullbar a shiny, brand-new look to the car that helps cover up minor scratches on the surface.

Choosing a bullbar

The main purpose of the bullbar is protection, so this should be your main consideration when choosing between brands. If you're into off-road driving, a strong, sturdy bar can protect against rough bushes. For regular road use, a lightweight polyethylene bullbar offer a springing action that deflects impact to protect both you and the pedestrian. Our website, Bullbar, can help you find and choose the right bullbar for your driving needs.

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